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Management consultancy firms


We provide quick and accurate, high-quality translations to management and organisational consultancy firms. In carrying out our translation work, we take into account developments in the areas of management theory, business and related disciplines. In doing so, our aim is not only to do justice to the expertise of the specialists who have drawn up the analysis, recommendations and reports that have to be translated, but also to ensure that the theoretical framework used is echoed in the terminology chosen, style and language use in English. Our aim is not only to translate a text, but above all to ensure that the author's expertise is expressed in the nuances, tone and stylistic characteristics of the translated document.


Our work for consultancy firms covers, amongst others, reorganisation plans, HR policy documents, research reports, market analyses, offers for clients and the correspondence relating to this.


During the translation process, we signal any possible inconsistencies that we may come across. We are aware that the translator is perhaps the only participant in the process who reads the document as closely as the author and pays attention to every comma and full stop, and to the subtleties of the text. We would rather give too much feedback to our clients on the translation choices we make than simply translate the document into English without being self-critically aware of our interpretation of the Dutch text. For our longest-standing clients (for whom we have worked for more than 30 years), we play the modest role of a peer reviewer during the translation process.