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PLS Professional Language Services BV

Translators for banks, insurers and the legal profession

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We provide translations of high quality to companies, public authorities and private individuals. The documents that we translate are very diverse and serve various purposes. We mainly translate financial and legal documents from Dutch into English and vice versa.


In addition, we translate extensively for higher education institutions, with a focus on tuition-wired solutions in relation to internationalisation..


The golden thread through all our activities is close cooperation, as professionals, with fellow professionals in a variety of disciplines, academics and other specialists. Our aim is to ensure that specialists can convey their expertise in English (or Dutch) in high-quality, persuasive and nuanced translations..


Our website contains more information on our services for particular sectors. We have also provided a brief overview of the various aspects of the services we provide..


We trust that our website provide sufficient information for your purposes and that you will decide to make use of our services.

Should you have any questions which are not answered by information on our website, please do not hesitate to contact us.