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Confidentiality is central to all the services we provide. As a sworn translator, Robert Ensor, is bound by the Dutch Sworn Interpreters and Translators Act which makes it a criminal offence to disclose information relating to translation assignments. Similarly, the Act prohibits the use of any information for personal gain or purposes other than the fulfilment of the translation assignment.


Our commitment to maintaining the confidentiality of our clients has a number of consequences. Firstly, we do not make use of cloud storage of translated documents or documents to be translated. The reason for this is that we cannot be sure that the cloud-storage service provider will maintain security and the confidentiality of documents adequately. Some service providers are also subject to national legislation which provides mandatory access to some official agencies.


We also do not provide testimonials on our website. Who our clients are and the work we do for them is confidential and may not be used, in our view, for marketing purposes. We therefore do not ask our clients for testimonials but do value their frequently received compliments for the quality of service we provide.