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Companies and organisations are regularly confronted with questions about the way in which a text must be interpreted or how terms or phrases must be used in a certain context.


In relation to agreements or disputes, you may need a linguistic explanation of the possible interpretations of an important sentence or phrase. Lawyers usually know how the phrase should be explained legally, but often cannot give a convincing linguistic substantiation of their interpretation using linguistic terminology and concepts. We can assist you in this to enable you to substantiate your arguments.


In the higher education sector, innovative programs and subjects are regularly developed, which have to be given a name. A well coined Dutch name does not have the desired effect if it is translated too literally into English. We can carry out research into related knowledge domains and make proposals for a name. Of course, this does not only apply to educational programmes, but to a wide range of knowledge products and services that do not fit into existing categories. 


In relation to marketing activities, we can advise companies and organisations on the house style that they use in communication with certain (English-speaking) target groups.


These are just some of the possible ways in which we can be of assistance to you.