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Language education and coaching


Language courses

We offer tailor-made  courses to both individuals and groups.

In-company courses

We offer tailor-made courses in business English to companies and organisations that are active internationally and that wish to improve the communication skills of their employees. These courses may be of a general nature or may be focused on specific functions within the organisation (e.g. marketing, sales, HR, finance). It is also possible to integrate other training objectives into our language courses, so that numerous objectives can be met simultaneously. This could include, for instance, giving presentations, simulating interviews in which clients are given advice or practising drawing up documents like offers and memos for clients.

If you wish to increase the awareness of employees in your organisation of aspects of the organisation's strategy, or if you wish to involve your employees in thinking about the organisation's strategy, this can also be integrated into the language courses.

Of course, we can also offer more generic language courses for groups of employees from various departments and branches of your organisation. In principle, our courses can be offered everywhere in the Netherlands, or in a more concentrated form within the EU or elsewhere.

Language coaching

Sometimes a department with an international focus does not require language courses or translation of documents, presentations and the like, but could benefit more from continuous language support. At one moment this may involve reviewing a memo and at another editing a presentation, including a trial run in giving the presentation to an important client or group of clients. We can also cast a critical eye on your website or offer support during or in preparation for meetings with English-speaking clients.

We offer tailor-made support to individual employees, groups of employees and managers in their interaction with international contacts, so that language need not be experienced as a barrier to providing high-quality, customer-focused services.