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Ever since the beginning of the 1990s, our company has translated a wide range of documents for banks and stockbrokers. We have experienced the continuous process of internationalisation and globalisation of the banking sector from close quarters. At a time when securitisation in the Netherlands was still in its infancy, we translated texts for banks which operated internationally. As translators, we played an essential role in the development and marketing of innovative financial products. For instance, the first medium-term note issued in the Netherlands was translated by us to make this innovative product more accessible to foreign investors.


Amongst the documents which we translate for banks are general terms and conditions, contracts, offers, sector analyses, share commentaries, reports in relation to mergers and acquisitions and other financial and legal texts. Needless to say, we also translate correspondence with English-speaking (business) clients and marketing materials.


Our cooperation with banks is unique in that it is based on short lines of communication between our translators and the specialists employed by the bank. We ensure that the specialist at the bank can rely on the translation services of a fixed professional translator, who is knowledgeable of banking and banking terminology.


We are also aware of how necessary it is for banks to present themselves well on the market. We therefore strive to ensure that the translated texts clearly and consistently gives expression to the bank's strategy and the way it wishes to approach its clients and business partners. To put it succinctly, we not only translate the words of a document, but above all the expertise of the bank's specialists and the bank's identity. After all, for many clients the bank exists largely in the documents they receive from it. The translation must do justice to the bank's expertise and professionalism.