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Insurance brokers


Increasingly, insurance brokers are required to serve international clients, both business clients and private individuals. Many international companies have made the Netherlands the centre of their operations and many expats have opted to settle in the Netherlands, together with all the risks involved. These risks offer new opportunities to insurance brokers, for which correspondence and providing insurance policies and the corresponding insurance terms and conditions in English is unavoidable.


For optimal servicing of foreign clients, it is of considerable importance that insurance brokers have high quality translations at their disposal, carried out by translators with specialist knowledge of the insurance industry. The language use in the various documents must also be consistent. Having various documents translated by various translators perhaps offering translations of varying quality on the same subject, for the same client or for the same insurer can result in inconsistencies. When providing insurance advice, clarity, accuracy and consistency are of considerable importance. After all, the risk of a misunderstanding between insurance provider and client must be minimised. In addition, the client's impression of the insurance broker may be strongly influenced by the quality of the letters, offers and other documents that the client receives from the insurance broker.