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On the insurance market, where insurance companies are in fierce competition with each other, our translation company ensures that communication in English is not an obstacle to doing business. As a translation company we have had a close relationship with this market over many years. We have provided translation services to various insurers that operate internationally and have supported insurance regulators.


Our translation work covers a wide range of texts, varying from marketing brochures, insurance offers, and insurers' correspondence with their customers and insurance brokers, to very technical ALM studies, actuarial reports and pension regulations. We have carried out translation work for health insurers, life insurers, risk insurers and various umbrella organisations. We are at home with language usage throughout the insurance industry.


Through years of cooperation with insurance specialists and on the basis of their feedback on our translations, we have obtained a sound insight into the subject matter. As soon as we come across content that seems unclear or inconsistent in the documents we have been given to translate, we immediately draw our client's attention to this. In practice, our translation of insurance documents often serves as a final check for our clients. After all, we read every word and pay attention to every comma within its context. We pay attention to all the small print!