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Pension funds


We provide translations for various pension funds in the Netherlands and work closely with actuaries, lawyers and other professionals who provide services tovpension funds. We have also carried out translation work for regulators in this sector.


We have a combination of expertise available that is necessary for the translation of texts in this area. For instance, we translate into regulations, the constitutions of pension funds, regulations for various committees, actuarial and technical operating memoranda, administration agreements and annual reports. In addition, our regular work includes the translation of reports based on ALM studies, investment reports and the memoranda that result from these, minutes of board meetings, comparisons of insurance offers, reports by actuaries and newsletters for the members of pension funds.


We keep abreast of the rapid developments in the area of pensions in the Netherlands and the EU, and are well informed of the corresponding terminology, whether this relates to IAS/IFRS, the switch to defined contribution schemes, changes to legislation or changes to the regulatory environment.


All our translation work is done by native speakers with a sound understanding of the sector.