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PLS Professional Language Services BV

Translators for banks, insurers and the legal profession

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Private clients


A well translated CV or legal document makes it convincing impression on the person who has to assess ECB or legal document. As translators, we are aware that decisions taken on the basis of such an assessment depend partly on the quality of the translation.


In the case of private individuals, we translate wills, divorce agreements, anti-nuptial contracts and other contracts in relation to a variety of transactions, graduation certificates, CVs, business correspondence, extracts from the Municipal Personal Records Database, academic articles and various other texts. We can provide regular and sworn translations.


In particular, we can assist you with the translation of documents required for visa applications or in relation to emigration.


In veel gevallen worden deze vertalingen gebruikt in verband met emigratie naar Engelstalige landen, studie in het buitenland of het zoeken naar werk in het buitenland.