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Translators for banks, insurers and the legal profession

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Due to increasing internationalisation, professional communication in foreign languages is a source of competitive advantage. Intense competition and internationalisation have characterised the developments in the financial sector and higher education in recent decades..


To counter International competition, organisations have attempted to consolidate their market positions and enter into new markets. Existing markets are being approached with increasing intensity by means of communication focused on specific target groups..


For some companies in the financial sector and higher education institutions, internationalisation means expanding into foreign markets. For almost every company, internationalisation takes the form of bespoke services focused on foreign companies operating in the Netherlands or, in the case of higher education, a focus on foreign students and research partners..


Financial service providers and higher education institutions, from small to large, are seeking opportunities to approach new customers and to retain their existing customers. They often do so through more customer-focused service provision, but in any event through spreading information on their products and services..


In this context, effective communication and optimal language support in foreign languages, and in particular in English, results in a competitive advantage. Whoever invests in maintaining or strengthening their market position must invest, amongst other things, in communication with customers. With regard to international customers, this means an investment in the language skills of one's own employees and in professional, high-quality translations. After all, the quality of a higher education module, a consultants report or a legal document should not only be high in the language in which it is written, but also in its translated form. We aim to to reflect the expertise of the author of the source document in the translated text.


Specialists in language and communication


More than 30 years of translation services to banks, insurers, pension funds, the legal profession and higher education institutions


Our company is committed to ensuring that language is not an obstacle to our clients' achieving their goals. Since 1988, our company has provided services, in particular to companies in the financial sector  (banks, insurers, pension funds and actuaries) and to higher education institutions. We have also translated extensively for public authorities active in these areas (e.g. regulators).

Our services include translations, copywriting, editing and advice in relation to communication with foreign target groups. We have been able to play an important role for many companies in the communication surrounding joint ventures with foreign companies and institutions. We focus in particular on communication English, the lingua franca of the financial sector and in many instances of higher education in the Netherlands.

We also translate documents for civil-law notaries, advocates and the judiciary in the Netherlands.


Customer focus


Services tailored to the strategies of our clients


A customer focus for us does not only mean a focus on our clients, but also on our clients' clients. In this regard, attention is given, above all, to the message (information, attitudes, corporate image) that our client wishes to convey to its client. Conveying the message requires knowledge of and sensitivity to the culture of the other party. A literal, possibly even technically good translation, does not always communicate the right tone and may just fall short of giving the right impression. The text must give expression to the company's core values and the attitude that it wishes to convey to its clients. It is our task to ensure that not only the words, but also the intention and attitude of our clients is translated into communication with their clients..


Cooperation with our clients: long lasting relationships


Investment in long-term relationships with our clients


A customer focus in the case of a service provider, like us, means that we cooperate closely with our clients. Empathy with our clients intentions and awareness of the desired characteristics of their activities are essential in this regard. For this reason, we strive for careful consultation and cooperation all stages of a project, irrespective of whether this relates to translation or advisory assignments.


Our clients are the experts in their professions and often even pioneers who develop new concepts and products. Our expertise as translators, editors and copywriters lives in the area of language usage and the possibilities that various languages offer.


Close cooperation results in the bundling of expertise which leads to high quality products that do justice to the expertise and intentions of our clients..


For our company, a focus on the financial sector in higher education, and close cooperation and long term relationships with our clients provide the basis for high quality and continuous quality assurance..


Contact between our clients and their foreign clients often takes place primarily through translated texts (reports, contracts, letters, emails et cetera). We are aware there is a translation which is not up to scratch may give the wrong impression of the quality of the services provided by our clients. It is for this reason that quality assurance and, where possible, quality improvement are continuously the focus of our attention.