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Legal profession


Our customers in the legal profession include all the regular service providers in the sector, namely civil notaries, advocates and legal advisers. Our translation work focuses mainly on the business sector and includes the translation of articles of incorporation, articles of association, general terms and conditions, contracts, share transfer deeds, wills, judgements (for instance, for use in proceedings in other countries) and correspondence relating to a wide variety of disputes and procedures.


In particular, we specialise in the translation of documents in the area of competition law and other areas of company law. For instance, we have been closely involved in the translation of legislation, regulations and a variety of other documents relating to competition and the liberalisation of the energy markets in the Netherlands. We are familiar with the various EU directives, regulations, case law and accompanying terminology in this area.


We also have experience in translating court documents, such as expert reports and statements and other documents submitted in evidence in court proceedings in the Netherlands and other countries.


In the area of criminal law, we translate documents for the Public Prosecution Service in the Netherlands, including requests for assistance, European arrest warrants and European investigation warrants, witness interrogations and summonses.


If required, we can provide sworn translations of any documents we translate.